Early Bird Pricing Good For...
Early Bird Pricing Good For...
This is a special announcement for Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and Practitioners who are not yet making £50k from their expertise...
Elizabeth Mary Hancock
The £50k Formula Live Workshop,
14th & 15th June 2018
PLUS Bonus Vision Board Workshop on 13th June
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, close to London, M1 & M25
THE EVENT for Coaches, Consultants, Therapists & Practitioners who want to make £50k plus in their business
WITHOUT complicated and expensive marketing
OR working every hour God sends!
Sick of the 6 Figure BS?
Me too! I was broken when the first coach I worked with promised me I'd make £100k in my first year, as long as I did EXACTLY what she told me.
Of course I was then told it was MY FAULT when at the end of the year I had made a huge LOSS!

The fact is, only a handful made that elusive £100k, while over 50 failed.
We'd all bought into that 6 figure promise but, starting from scratch we'd go nowhere near it.

I then had to work TWICE as hard on my mindset, realizing I couldn't hit £100k if I didn't hit £50k FIRST, and take things step by step to build a sustainable business. I'd done nothing about my fears around what that would mean to me - sacrifice, hard work, stress and sleepless nights because I thought this manic action and 'one size fits all approach' would work.

I know what it's like to worry about where the next client is coming from, to be scared to look at my bank balance, to be plagued with worries and that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach when I try to avoid questions like 'How long can I justify continuing like this?
I feel like such a fraud. I'm so tired, I never see my kids, when will this never ending cycle of famine end?
I can't do this anymore.'
My business was in free fall due to various life changes.

My big a-ha moment was the Money Mindset session, but the event also helped me to evaluate, plan and approach my business as I re-start it since I relocated. A fab event which will have you super motivated and confident.

I haven't looked back since!

- Belinda Bronjewski, Natural Vibe, Womens 3rd Age Health & Wellness Expert & Coach
I Used To BE YOU!
And in many ways I still am!
I still have fears about my business, I still sometimes struggle to balance my business, my own needs, my family & friends!
But the difference is that this is no longer my normal, it's occasional and I don't stay there for long.

Thank goodness, it used to be exhausting!

So how have I managed to build my business working part time hours and still love my life?
By addressing my Mindset - identifying and releasing WHY I was holding myself back, why I was just as scared of succeeding as I was of failing, and adopting a simple, repeatable method of getting clients, delivering to them and most importantly, keeping them!
I systemised my success and from there, the £50k Formula was born!

Because I'd done it myself (and so much more since then), I was able to show others how to make £50k plus in the business WITHOUT complicated & expensive Marketing OR working all the hours God sends!

I knew I was feeling stuck and I knew Liz would help me work through what I was stuck in.

Liz has a soft and gentle approach to business and the mindset pieces in the workshop were invaluable.

- Sarah Hall, Sareth Virtual Services
Welcome to the £50k Live Workshop!
The £50k Live Workshop is THE EVENT to come to if you want to add £50k to your business WITHOUT complicated and expensive marketing OR working all the hours God sends!

It's for you if you LOVE an intimate, supportive environment where you feel safe to voice and clear your fears, get rid of the blocks and anything that's stopping you and formulate a doable, easy to implement plan for the next stage of your business growth.

One that you feel completely aligned with and are ready to put into action as soon as you leave this awesome experience!

My biggest takeaway from the £50k Formula Live Workshop was really getting clear on my ideal client and pricing.

I loved being in such a supportive environment of lovely women.

- Natalia Diaz
This event will be kept small (max 20) so I can give individualised attention to the passionate entrepreneurs attending who are ready to take their business to the next level - wherever that may be.

It will include some of my essential Money Mindset Processes, which is THE MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK I HAVE EVER DONE, or had the privilege to deliver and facilitate to others.

It will also include the initial fundamental steps of my unique £50k Formula Success System, which is based upon the business essentials YOU need in place to ensure your success.

Finally take your struggling or 'Hobby' business - one that you'll be proud of and able to rely on to give you the income you deserve and desire.

I had been in total overwhelm and joined Liz. I really didn't know how ot manage everything simultaneously while growing my family. It means the world to be supported in this transition. I love Liz's coaching as there is a wonderful mix of practical and holistic techniques she is using and for those who want to turn their hobby into a business. She really is your gem!

- Lucia Hoxha, Yoga Teacher & Lifestyle Coach
Who am I?
I am Liz Hancock and I am passionate about Money Mindset because it was the missing piece I needed to finally take my struggling, loss making, EFT 'hbby business' into a 'proper,' profitable and sustainable venture that I knew would impact, help and transform so manny people in so many ways.

In 2015, I was a struggling EFT Practitioner with an abundance of love for what I was able to share with the world, but a lack of abundance in my bank account to show for it!

Even though my clients said how wonderful I was, I was fed up of others constantly questioning me about my business.

Questions like:
  •  Are you actually making any money from this 'Business' then?
  •  What exactly qualifies YOU to teach this stuff?
  •  Isn't it time you went out and got a 'Proper Job'?
  •  I just don't get why people would spend their hard earned money on all this Mumbo Jumbo stuff?!?!
One year later and I was a different person - inside and out, with a whole new way around money!

I was proud not just of what I was able to give my clients, but also around the business I had created that was finally helping rather than hindering my Husband's income and our family life!

I could have been one of the ones who gave up on my dream, but luckily I found the strength to navigate the crazy world of global online marketing as well as building a fantastic UK client base and an awesome Community!

I had really enjoyed the last 2 days.

Hearing the experiences from Liz's incredible clients was awesome - you have built an amazing community Liz!

My biggest takeaway was, "What am I waiting for?"

Thank you so much! X

- Holly Mc William, ready to launch her consultancy biz!
While Mindset is 100% essential to your success, it's impossible to grow a successful business solely on hope and manifestation!

Equally essential is a solid business growth system that is doable, implementable and is not spending all your earnings (or savings) on complicated and expensive marketing, OR working all the hours God sends!

Welcome to the £50k Formula Success System!
The £50k Formula Success System™ takes you through all the essential steps to growing your business.

We'll only have 2 days together, so we're not able to cover alll 7 steps, but we will be making GREAT progress in the following areas:

£50k Formula Fundamentals: Mindset, Planning
Unique Message: Identify your message and USP, and connect with your ideal clients
Who IS your ideal client?: Nail this once and for all so your whole approach to marketing and growing your business is a thousand times simpler!
Core Offering: Package Your Expertise into a Product or Service that lights you up, ensures you are charging your worth and that YOU will want to buy yourself!

And don't forget, it's my commitment to you that you will leave with a solid plan to make this all happen in the next three months and beyond!

I was stuck and confused about my unique message plus confused due to the recent focus from my last business coach. The event was great and allowed me to regain my motivation and focus.

Being surrounded by like-minded, inspiring entrepreneurs was incredibly valuable.

- Tanya Niedzwick, Tanya N Fitness Coach
Don't just take my word for it!

Here's a couple of testimonials from people who attendtedmy last £50k Formula Live Event!
Event Details
Thursday 14th & Friday 15th June 2018
PLUS EXTRA BONUS VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: Get in Perfect Alignment For Your Soul Assignment! 

Bonus Workshop: 11 - 4pm
Day 2: 9.30am - 5pm (plus bonus session until 6pm)
Day 3: 9:30am - 4pm

The Holiday Inn Express, Hemel Hempstead
Your Investment
One Time Investment Of
Currently Half Price £197
Two Payments Of
Currently Half Price £113
Here's what you get:
  •  A 20 minute pre-event Strategy Session (so you can get EVEN MORE out of the event)
  •  A delicious lunch with Liz and the other VIPs on both days so you can network with each other successful entrepreneurs and exchange ideas over lunch
  •  Two complimentary headshots at the event so you have awesome photos you can use for your website and marketing materials
  •  PLUS a 1 hour follow-up session to ensure your learning is being implemented and that nothing is holding you back. 

In a very short time, Liz was able to break through many of the negative and very significant money blocks that I never knew I had that were not only impacting my business but also my life. I simplified my business and finally started to get clients!

- Michelle Catanach, The Uncaged Revolution

Just some of the words I'd use to describe this 10 out of 10 event: Clarity, Focus, Connection, Recognition, Re-energising, Re-planning, Fabulous new ideas!

- Nadine Searle, Reiki and Relaxation Specialist
Not Sure If The £50k Formula Live Workshop is right for you?

I know what it's like before you sign up to an event you like the sound of but you're just not sure about!
The nerves and butterflies kick in, you're worried about the money and whether it will just be a glorified sales pitch! I will of course be telling you how you can continue to work with me, but I promise there's no hard cringey sell - I'm all about value, content and 100% committed to you walking away with a plan for your next steps, whether you chose to have me help you more closely or not!

That's why I'm offering you the chance to talk it through with me personally - I won't recommend you attend this event unless it REALLY IS the right next step for you.

The majority Coaches, Therapists and Practitioners earn less than £20k (if you're already making more than that well done)!

For many more, the feast and famine of business is the norm. Many more are killing themselves working every waking hour (and many when they SHOULD be asleep), because they are programmed to believe 'You have to work really hard for decent money.'

Put simply, it's MY passion to stop as many of you as possible from feeling that.

It's MY passion and my DUTY to change the way you do business to make it easier, more profitable and a WHOLE lot more FUN too!

I'm 100% committed to my clients' success. My success depends on it!

I hope to see you in June!

With Love,
Liz x

Liz has a fantastic way of empowering me to understand and challenge my own barriers and beliefs. She's skilled at making seemingly complex things seem much more simple in a way that makes me want to action them with confidence! Her lovely calming manner also helps me to fell at ease when things feel overwhelming!

- Krushma Makwana, Executive Coach
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